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Advantages of Directional Drilling

Get Your Pipe In Without Disturbing The Earth Or Water Ways

Directional Drilling is a process of installing underground services without trenching, it is an efficient and professional method widely used in many developed and developing countries. Proven to be faster, more cost effective and definitely less disruptive to surface activities,

  • Less Trenching
  • Less Back Filling
  • Less Sinking Trench Lines
  • Less Reinstatement Cost
  • Environmental Friendly
  • No Digging Through Water Ways
  • No Traffic Disruptions
  • No Landscape Violation
  • Saving On Man Power, Time And Costs

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Our services

Wangaratta Horizontal Boring Pty Ltd offers a full range of horizontal drilling and boring services.

We service ALL areas.

With bore sizes ranging from 25mm to 1.45m (1" to 57")

We Bore Under :

  • Roads/ Driveways
  • Highways And Freeways
  • Railway Lines
  • Buildings
  • Rivers/Channels/Creeks
  • Environmental Protected Areas
  • Sacred Site Grounds
  • Will Pull In Single Or Multiple Pipes

We Drill To Install:

  • Water Mains/ Services
  • Storm Water/ Recycled Water
  • Sewer- On Grade/ Pumped
  • Gas
  • Power
  • Telecom Cables/ Optic Fibre

Different Sorts Of Pipes:

  • Poly Pipe
  • PVC Rubber Ring/ Solvent Joint
  • Hobas Pipe
  • Steel Pipe/ Ductile Iron/              Cast Iron/ Copper Pipes
  • Concrete Jacking Pipe

Our Company

We Can Do Anything For The Right Amount Of Bottles

Wangaratta Horizontal Boring is operated by Wayne Suter who has had over 30 years of individual experience in the boring industry and brought the first HDD machine into Australia. Wayne and his team of professional boring contractors are experts at boring and drilling and are geared and ready to provide quality service, whatever the job.

We pride ourselves on delivering a fast, safe, dependable and cost effective service for any business or individual need.